Who What Why


Excuse the photo, but I suppose it just about sums us up really, minus the animals. We live in sunny old Nottingham in the middle of nowhere, with our dogs, cats, chickens and a pony up the cart track, sounds idyllic. It's not really. There's a lot of mud. And hair. And poo for that matter.


Since the small one entered the world I have been extremely conscious of what we are leaving behind us. I mean, who do we think we are, leaving this trench of destruction in our wake?

As a family, we try and do what we can to reduce our waste and buy sustainable, organic and as local as possible. We're constantly trying to improve ourselves in terms of our footprint. We use cloth nappies and try to minimise plastics and single use items. At the moment, we are desperately trying to grow our own veggies for the first year running, So I'll let you know how that goes...


Barefoot Baby is the brainchild of me, Hannah. As if I don't have enough to do, I decided in my wisdom to create an ethical children's clothing shop with the facility to offer a buy back scheme to make buying beautiful, ethical, sustainable, organic clothes accessible for everyone.


I am no designer, but I am OK at selling, doing websites and writing stuff. So I thought that I would create a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and filter and sell someone else’s beautiful clothes. Now, I don't always dress my child in 'girls' clothes. I dress her in what I think looks a) comfy, b) practical, and c) cool (or sometimes cute or funny - if you can't now when can you hey?) The bane of my life was scrolling through endless collections of clothes in both boy and girl ranges separately, trying to match things or find a specific item. Oh how I longed for a filter by size or item only so I could see both genders at once...So now there is one...

So there's one reason. The other as explained above, is the ethical and being a good person thing. I want to contribute to this planet, instead of take from it.

There are some things I am good at. these include, mumming, selling, writing, shopping and websiting. So as I need to fulfil my potential as a human bean, I thought I'd just chuck it all in a bowl and see what comes out the other end.

The result was some pretty cool ideas for a sustainable business that will provide a solution to the expense of buying responsibly.

Big loves

Hannah xxx